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Book 1 is now live on Amazon!

The updated synopsis (below) located on the back cover will be live in a few days.

"Embark on a journey of epic proportions as two unlikely heroes battle for their sanity and freedom against a ruthless modern-day Roman empire. In the first volume of the Entangled Duality series, uncover the dark and oppressed dystopia of Sector 81 and unearth her secrets.

Discover to what extreme extents the Empire is willing to go to preserve the order and absolute control they’ve developed over millennia. Expose the real reason why one of our heroes is trying to wake them self of this recurring dictatorial nightmare. Who is falling in love and who is just looking for a good time?

Find out just how far the corruption extends and discover whether our heroes can overcome it to free the sector and its people from the tyranny."

Paperback -

Kindle -

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